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What is a mother...?

How are you going to celebrate your mother this year?

Mothers are:

  • Washers of dishes, clothes, children and cars

  • Keepers of peace in mock battles and real ones too...

  • Creators of amazing things from cardboard, and all things nice

  • Launchers of rockets and new games some of which never really take off...

  • Driers of tears, washing and the occasional flood

  • Menders of torn clothes and damaged pride

  • Tucker-inners of sleepy children

  • Singers of every nursery rhyme and children's song

  • Maker of great memories and teacher of life lessons

  • Creators of dinners that keep everyone full and happy and ready for their next adventure

What does your mother do that's special for you?

It's Mothers Day and we've got a few ideas to help give your mother or care-giver a great start to the day.

Check out our Gingerbread Cupcake Recipe - this is sure to give them a treat!

Breakfast in bed with a nice cup of tea?

Simple and easy for children to make, the recipe is on the back of the pack and also linked below.

Find your local stockist to purchase these and many other easy #Makingdinnerdeliciousagain herbs & spices.

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