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What can I do with Carla's?

The most popular spice blends from Carla's are also some of the most versatile blends.

Tuscan Blend is one of our first blends (and Carla's personal favourite!)- simply sprinkle on freshly made fries, or use as a marinade or rub for poultry, lamb, or roast vegetables

Montreal Steak works it's magic on any meat - check out some of our favourite recipes

Potato Seasoning must be mentioned here, specially for the roast potato recipe which will have everyone asking for more - you'll never be without it!

Finally, we wouldn't be without Sweet BBQ Blend - try it on pan-fried chicken or use as a rub before barbequing meat to add that gorgeous smokehouse flavour.

We'd love to hear your favourites! Get in touch via email, through the website or on social media.

Check out all our recipes - save the link and make sure you keep coming back, as we are always uploading new and interesting recipes.

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