About us

Supplying retailers across the UK with our artisan collection of gourmet seasonings, herbs and spices from around the world.

Spices and herbs over black stone background. Top view with free space for menu or recipes

Carla's story

Having been really fortunate to live in various parts of the UK, and with family connections to Ireland, Scotland, Yorkshire, Norfolk and the West Country, I have been used to many different tastes and styles of cooking. 

But in this age of convenience and fast food, I believe we have somewhat lost sight of the simple pleasure and satisfaction of making a meal from simple natural ingredients, relying instead on a range of ready-made ingredients and tip-in sauces. This often results in an overdose of flavourings but a lack of goodness. 

For a long time I have blended my own seasonings, but having realised that often supermarket seasonings, being selected for price and not for quality, leave a lot to be desired. This led me to start investigating the idea of manufacturing and selling my own range of spices and seasonings – and this is the result!

By making available to you my own hand-crafted ingredients, you too can quickly and easily turn staple foods into a 5-Star experience!