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Garlic - fresh or powdered?

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Why do we use powdered or granulated garlic in our range of unique hand-crafted seasonings?

In several of our recipes we use powdered or granulated garlic. We often get the comment - 'surely fresh minced garlic would be better?'

Actually, no. To make powdered or granulated the fresh garlic bulbs are thinly sliced and then dehydrated (heated to remove the water). The result is a pungent, slightly sweet, almost nutty taste. This means their flavor is concentrated–just what you need for a good seasoning!

Also, garlic powder can stand up to high heat that would cause fresh garlic to burn. And for a seasoning, the powdered form adds a texture which you wouldn't get otherwise.

Additionally, like parmesan and nutritional yeast, garlic powder brings a generous amount of the amino acid glutamate, and also supplies some trace nutrients, such as vitamin B-6, phosphorus, and manganese.

So although fresh garlic is fantastic in it's place, only dried garlic gets into one of Carla's recipes!

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