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What are the benefits of dried herbs & spices?

Herbs Spices and Seasonings
Herbs Spices and Seasonings

Dried herbs & spices keep their flavour well during cooking, unlike fresh products, whose volatile oils will evaporate if they are cooked for any length of time. This means a little can go a long way, especially with varieties such as chilli or garlic.

Dried Herbs and spices have the benefit of lasting for much longer as well, and you can use as much or as little as you need, without waste. You've probably found when buying fresh that you don't need to use a whole handful of fresh herbs at once, and usually the last half wilts away in the fridge and is wasted.

They also have the benefit of imparting flavour to a dish without adding any additional properties, such as excess water, or additional bulk, so you don't get unexpected consequences when cooking.

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Making dinner delicious again!

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