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Wealden Fair - did you catch up with us?

We had a wonderful time at the Fair - it's simply so perfect to go to an English Summer Fair with the sun shining, the mouth-watering aromas arising from various stalls, and the camaraderie of the exhibitors knows no bounds.

We launched our new Onion Bhaji Mix, Herb Salt, Greek Marinade & Bhuna at the Fair.

The Bhaji Mix recipe is very easy, simply mix with water and sliced onions! Impress your family and guests with ease!

Also our Dukkah blend was a great success, nearly everyone who tasted it, bought it!

The Onion & Herb Dip and the Sweet Onion Dip were another 2 favourites - our samples kept disappearing - so we recommend you head on over to our website to try out these new and interesting dips. Super simple, you just mix them with creme fraiche and/or mayo and serve with crisps or vegetable sticks for a quick snack option.

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