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How are Family Mealtimes beneficial?

With Making Dinners Delicious Again our main focus here at Carla's, this leads onto why we want to make dinners delicious again!

Family mealtimes are central to our life and we couldn't encourage you more to do the same!

Family Mealtimes help with Family Bonding

  • They help family relationships and make our bonds stronger

  • Helps children to feel safe and secure and provides a time for family chat - to go over the days activities and work as a unit

Family Mealtimes make children better academically

  • By including children in adult discussions around the table, they are more likely to have a broader spectrum of knowledge and therefore be more engaged at school

  • The children have the opportunity to discuss school topics at home around the table, which helps them once back at school

Family Mealtimes help encourage Healthy Eating

  • If the whole family is sitting down together to eat, it encourages children to try new foods and also can help to avoid eating disorders as it makes it normal to participate in a family mealtime

Family Mealtimes help with social and physical skills

  • Children learn to clean up after a meal, which helps them to see what goes into a meal

  • The whole family feels connected as a unit, and will be stronger as a result if trials and troubles come their way, which inevitably can happen in life!

  • Children learn how to entertain visitors, which is a valuable life skill!

Check out our latest recipes to find your new family favourite! We'd love to hear about your cooking and family times - drop us a line at

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