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It's nearly Pancake Day... 10% discount available

How would you like a 10% discount off your next order?

Enter our pancake topping competition and show us what you put on top of your pancakes?

Use our Sweet Spice Blend to create extra-special pancakes this year!

Just a few ideas to get you started on those toppings

Maple Syrup

Fresh Fruit

Whipped Cream

Fresh berries

Bananas & Nuts

Chocolate Chips Nutella.. yum this one has our vote!

Blueberry sauce

Icecream, why not?

Fruit Compote

Caramel sauce

Maybe layer with jam....!

Maple drizzled bacon, now we're talking....

And you can go even more savoury but we are leaning more towards the sweet side ourselves...

Let us know what you do - the first 5 entries get a special discount off their next order!

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