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Carla's new packaging

We’re delighted to present our brand new packaging! We couldn’t be happier with our new-look Carla’s pouches, so we wanted to give our customers an overview of the changes we’ve made - and the reasons for making them.

When we first started the business, from home in 2020, the range grew at a fast rate, with new products being added nearly every week, so we needed to find a packaging design that was easy to fill by hand - and which could be manually labelled.

The stand-up pouch was designed to take up very little room when in transit or on the shelf, reducing excess packaging which we know is essential when every penny of shipping costs matters to our stockists and customers. The pouches are non-fragile which not only reduces the risk of breakage and resulting waste in transit, it also cuts our carbon footprint. Finally, the resealable function helps ensure the contents stay fresh for longer, again, reducing unnecessary waste.

We discovered that many of our customers liked the design of the original pouch with its ‘no-nonsense’ labelling and that it really represented the Carla’s brand: herbs, spices and seasonings to help cooks of all abilities create easy, creative, flavoursome food.

However, we quickly realised that some customers were a little nervous to try something new and that we needed a re-design with improved ‘shelf-appeal’. After all, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when thinking of imaginative, tasty midweek family meals – or something to please a crowd at a BBQ.

So, we’ve decided to keep all the features our customers love but to swap the pouch ‘window’ for more label space. This means we can add more details to the packaging about product usage and recipe ideas, and even include a QR code on the back of each pouch, which customers can scan to view recipes on our website.

Removing the window also gives us the advantage of a stronger packet, which resists any fading or degradation of the product from daylight, whilst on display. But there’s more! We’ve also colour coded our labels into different product groups: herbs, salts, spices, savoury blends and sweet blends. This will help to make our the pouches instantly recognisable in a store display.

We’re positive these small but important changes to our packaging will make Carla’s an even more popular brand. As ever, we welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers, so please keep the ideas coming!

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