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Spices add a depth to any meat or vegetable dish, especially when given marinating time and then grilled to perfection over the coals.

Preferably with a cold beer in hand.....

With our spice blends in particular, all you have to do is mix the spice blend with your choice of oil, then brush over your meat or vegetables. Leave to infuse for a few hours, or overnight in the fridge if you have time. That way the spices enter into the produce, tenderising and flavouring deep into the core!

Chicken is particularly susceptible to being specially delicious once marinated. Have a look at a few of our recipes to get some ideas on how to use our various blends.

Chicken Shawarma Naan Salad is a beautiful way to use our Chicken Shawarma Blend, involving the marinating process mentioned above. Try it out and let us know how you get on!

A simple burger taken to new heights with just a touch of our Ultimate Burger Seasoning added, makes it out of this world!

Another benefit of pre-marinating is that all the mess is done before the guests arrive, and all you have to do is look cool, and grill away!


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