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Herb Chicken with Cream Sauce

Try your hand at French inspired Herb Chicken with creamy sauce - this is a delicious and easy recipe to serve midweek or it's really even good enough for a special occasion!




10 mins


35 mins


  • 1 tbsp Carla’s French Persillade

  • Olive oil

  • 5 Bone-in, Skin-on Chicken Thighs or Marylands

  • 15g Butter

  • 1 Large Red Onion, Diced

  • 80ml White Wine

  • 80ml Chicken Stock

  • 80ml Double Cream

  • Fresh Tarragon leaves or use 1 tbsp Carla’s Tarragon


  • Preheat oven to 200C

  • Heat oil in a hob & oven proof dish

  • Season chicken and fry, skin side down, until golden

  • Cook on the other side for a min or two, then transfer to a plate

  • Heat the butter in the pan and cook onion for 2 mins

  • Add wine and simmer for 1 min

  • Remove from heat and add chicken back on top of the onion

  • Put into oven and bake for 30 mins

  • Take out and turn off oven! Transfer chicken to plate and keep warm in the turned off oven

  • Return pan to heat and bring to a simmer - reduce down

  • Add cream and simmer til thickened

  • Add Carla’s French Persillade and simmer for 1 min

  • Add the Chicken back into the sauce and garnish with Carla’s Tarragon or fresh tarragon

Carla's product used in this recipe:

French Persillade

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